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A brother's Love
We can be secret, we can be fun
We could laugh and play under the burning sun
Where we forget all those problems of everyday life
And simply be friends for a moment in time
One that will be forgotten someday,
Yet one that in my heart will stay
We are friends, you and I
The best of friends under a bright blue sky
When you cry, I cry too
Even if I don't show it to you
I'm always worried, so I try to stay away
If only that would work for a day
I care for you too much
To just simply let you go
Yet I must, some how, someday
Will you forget me and turn me away?
We are friends even now, even still
Remember how we used to play on that grassy hill
Those were the best times I've ever had
And even though I never told you, really I was glad
To be by your side another moment, another day
Wishing time would stop for us in some day
But you aren't here anymore, you went with him
Even though he hurt you, and I knew how deep you were in
But still, I said nothing, cause I didn't want to hurt you
I didn't
:iconpyroshadow18:PyroShadow18 1 2
Spoken Word: 'Love'
Love does not hurt.
Love does not put down.
Love does not push aside.
Love does not ignore
To love is to find happiness, and be happy.
To find hope with others to fill the voids in our lives
All you need is love..
Even so pain doesn't go away
Yet pain does make us stronger
We all have friends and family who love us no matter what
Love truly is a good thing.
:iconpyroshadow18:PyroShadow18 1 2
Stay with me
Stay with me when the night is young and I've no where left to turn
Come buy me my favourite ice cream as the drops fall on your face
We're just friends, friends forever and you know thats a fact
Life's jsut full of unknown corners, now theres no turning back
~Chorus 1~
So stay, with me
In the nigt, the night that felt so right and
Stay with me
When the teardrops fall beside me in the night
Stay with me
Dont forget dont regret that I'll always be here
Come back home, dont let me go...
Come here now, it's alright. I'll be your shelter in the storm
If you want, I'll wait here, until it ends and you go home
Then I will take you in my arms and we will rise
A new day, a new dream, with you forever by my side
If I could, then I would never let you go and
If I could, then I would take your hand..
And take a stand on them,
They don't know anything, It's just you and me..
~Chorus 2~
So stay, with me
Tonight, it's the right time forever
Stay with me
In my arms I will hold you and dont let go now
:iconpyroshadow18:PyroShadow18 1 2
Hair tutorial 2 - Dark hair by akaLilith Hair tutorial 2 - Dark hair :iconakalilith:akaLilith 2,458 285
Hellsing: Laundry 5
Alucard yawned as he walked down the stairs leading to the basement. It'd been an extremely long night; the usual shoot-everything-until-it-dies mission. And while it was extremely fun killing things, it got very boring very quickly. All the vampire looked forward to now was sipping on his blood pack and going to sleep.
Little did he know that sleep would not come easily for him, oh no! Little did he know that deep within the bowels of the basement lurked an enemy more terrifying than any he had ever known! Little did he know of the horrors that awaited him! Little did he know the horror of cable television!
Our victim- I mean, Alucard, walked to his room, not even bothering to open the door, sighing with relief when he saw his blood chilling in a bucket. He strolled over to it, eagerly taking a sip, when he noticed something strange. His coffin was glowing a weird blue color. It glowing red was normal, but blue? Something was up with that.
Narrowing his crimson eyes, he walked up to i
:iconrelics-angel:Relics-Angel 234 74
Hellsing: Laundry 4
After bribing, the installing of a parental block, the allowance of a rampage in London, and even a visit to a very bewildered Catholic priest, Alucard wasn't scared of his computer anymore.
Of course, he still couldn't look Walter in the eye, but that was another thing entirely.
This event, though, didn't mean that his punishment still wasn't in effect. Alucard still couldn't leave his room, but now he felt safer with the parental block installed on his computer. Plus, he was starting to get the hang of the machine; it had only been a matter of time before it bended to his will.
He was just suffering random sites that he didn't exactly understand when all of a sudden, another window popped up. Alucard blinked, clicking on it. In big, bold letters, it read: "SHOOT THE ALIEN AND WIN A PRIZE!"
"..A prize?" He said aloud, curious. Walter hadn't told him that the computer would give him prizes! And that he could shoot things! Eagerly, he pulled out his Jackal and was about to shoot
:iconrelics-angel:Relics-Angel 243 43
Hellsing: Laundry 3
Alucard sighed. He tapped his fingers on the desk, propping up his elbow and putting his chin on his hand. His crimson eyes narrowed slightly as he glared at the computer monitor.
This was taking forever.
The vampire sighed again. "How does Walter endure this?" He muttered aloud. He had been sitting there for five minutes, waiting for the computer to turn on. And it was five minutes too long. The computer was taking forever. And all Alucard wanted to do was a search on guns.
Ever since the microwave and washing machine incident, Alucard wasn't allowed to leave the mansion grounds, much less the basement, except when Integra needed him. Seras had felt a little bad about this, so she managed to convince Walter to install a computer down there to keep him entertained. Both failed to tell him that it would take so long for it to actually boot up.
Another sigh. What was he supposed to do with a computer anyway? He didn't want to play those card games Seras had shown him on the normal comput
:iconrelics-angel:Relics-Angel 305 105
Hellsing: Laundry 2
It is said that you can't teach an old dog new tricks.
And for Seras Victoria, this was all too true.
Why do these things happen to me? She asked herself, sighing miserably and laying her head on the kitchen counter. It hadn't even been a week since the washing machine incident, and Alucard was already up to his tricks again.
Apparently, getting hit repeatedly on the head with a silver ashtray by a furious Integra wasn't enough to teach him a lesson.
Apparently, being forced to go with Walter as he went washing machine shopping wasn't enough punishment.
Apparently, Alucard was either extremely curious or extremely stupid.
Seras narrowed her eyes slightly at the elder vampire in front of her, who was hunched over the microwave. He was looking at it very hard and would occasionally scratch his neck.
How do I get myself into these messes? She asked herself, now banging her head once against the counter. Alucard glared at her over his shoulder. She chose to ignore him.
:iconrelics-angel:Relics-Angel 299 71
Hellsing: Laundry 1
"Master?" Seras said in a tiny voice, looking at the looming figure in front of her. "Do you think this is such a good idea?"
"And why wouldn't it be?" Alucard replied, taking off his trench coat and hat, throwing them into a nearby chair. His fledgling blinked and blushed, turning her back to him.
"What?" He asked, smirking. He was starting to take off his shirt, Seras very opposed to this idea. "Isn't this how you do it?"
"You have to leave some clothes on!" She snapped, trying to control her blush. She knew this wasn't a good idea, but Alucard had insisted that they had to do it.
Therefore, Seras had no choice.
They were going to do their laundry.
She didn't know. She was just sitting in her room when Alucard came in and said that he wanted to use "that weird machine that makes all the thumping noises." After five minutes, she finally figured out that he was talking about the washing machine. His excuse was that he was tired of Integra telling him he smelled like gunp
:iconrelics-angel:Relics-Angel 590 273
Dash of Colour by wolfgatephotography Dash of Colour :iconwolfgatephotography:wolfgatephotography 5 3 Gate of the Torii by wolfgatephotography Gate of the Torii :iconwolfgatephotography:wolfgatephotography 21 2 June 1st 2008 Sunset 2 by DeviantLadyAshley June 1st 2008 Sunset 2 :icondeviantladyashley:DeviantLadyAshley 5 4 June 1st 2008 Sunset by DeviantLadyAshley June 1st 2008 Sunset :icondeviantladyashley:DeviantLadyAshley 5 1 Garter Snake by DeviantLadyAshley Garter Snake :icondeviantladyashley:DeviantLadyAshley 1 1 Orange by DeadWing666 Orange :icondeadwing666:DeadWing666 6 7 Depths - WIP 3 by MercuryInk
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Depths - WIP 3 :iconmercuryink:MercuryInk 3 12
things I've found that I love, and just can't resist snatching...



United States
don't have much to say at the moment, its not like im some incredibly interesting person. but i'll figure out something clever to put here eventually... lol.

Current Residence: Worcester MA
deviantWEAR sizing preference: small
Favourite genre of music: Rock/techno
MP3 player of choice: iPod
Favourite cartoon character: Bear Walken
  • Listening to: Passion's Killing Floor- H.I.M.
  • Playing: damn children's card game... lol
Here it is everyone.... I'm forsaking this account. I'm not leaving permanently, just switching fully to my new account. Of course I'll randomly check back in to this one from time to time, but I'll add all of you to my watch list on the new account.

I have many reasons for this change, most of which I'll probably end up keeping to myself instead of writing some long essay. Which is what I originally planned to do. My main reason though, is I need to escape from bad memories and hardships, and get rid of the reminders of those times. To think, that people could be so cruel to one another, how easily love turns to hate... Pain is a cruel master that I refuse to bow down to. So, I'm leaving it behind. I can live without it... I have a much brighter future now, one that I have no doubts about.

To think, I was afraid. I actually had nightmares. Nightmares...

That's all gone now.

Anyway... You can all still find me here, my new account is :iconmayaemmett:. Please, stay in touch, many of you who mean so much to me, you've been a great support to me. Above all, you are my friends. I continue on in hopes of becoming a better artist, and I feel I steadily make progress the more I do. I will surpass expectations, even my own... I promise. ;)

At any rate, don't bother trying to report anything "taken" from this page by the above username, obviously... as its me... duh. anyway.


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hi Mikados.

How's you? :)
Josh here, and I wanted to thank you for faving my poems. I'm glad you liked them. :)
Have a nice night. :heart:

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hi josh!! its :iconmikadosgirl: just letting you know, I'm still here, just using a new username... come see me at :iconmayaemmett:

I'll add you... =D
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Hi Mikados! :)
I still remember you. :) :hug:
I definitely will~! :)

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