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I hate you each time I close my eyes;
Reality interferes harsh thoughts inside.
A smile misleads and draws me near,
I love the way you reduce me to tears.
My spirits distract and dissolve my prism
confronting beliefs and rendering their prison.
And as they keep this shaking dissonance,
I hold on to prayers and wish for your presence.
Yearning your glance hinders improvement
As I enter your aura and refuse movement
you aim a smirk and urge me away.
And the heart I gave, you continue to fray.
So bless my lips and string me along
serenade me with your suicide song.
Because with you, my smile is a sign of bluffing
but without you, my whole existence means nothing.
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Kiss :iconlupis-fox:Lupis-Fox 4,929 538
Mature content
Alone at Night :iconblizzardwolf1:blizzardwolf1 1,147 618
Prisoner of false Love
~Prisoner of false Love~
The body drowns in delight as it throws itself at your feet.
praise be to the gods for what a splendid occasion this is.
New such love, for not ever has one fallen for
Posted on a caravan, reminders of the past shall always reminisce
To never keep the light from dimming out
Again as we travel fourth, we are the complex of the simple,
The beauty unseen, unnoticed by all.
Such is a good day, when war is not so common,
Yet we yearn for the indescribable, the untouchable, the holy.
Such a thing, emotion as it were, escapes these rotting lips through song
Even if such is not welcome, I shall sing, to honor that which I have been blessed with.
Seeing too many within prison walls, I yearn for the darkness that has taught me so much.
Light is my enemy as I am forced to walk alone in a world that is invisible of my existence
Silently I travel making such noise that not even a rat could hear
is this depression satisfying? Do I long for it, perhaps,
Spending such years in
:iconpyroshadow18:PyroShadow18 1 0
What is it one really wants? We can try to admit our feelings as blunt as possible when we meet. Aside from all the blushing, smiles and the like, but
is that what we really want? When we finally do meet, what will each think of the other? Will there be some sort of spark? Not likely. Yet, we all dream
of meeting the 'right person' to spend the rest of our lives with. Dreams make us want, and so on and so fourth. So we become attached, vying for the
other's affection and approval. We are like lost puppies searching for another to protect us. We lose ourselves in the moment, wanting, and waiting for
the time to come where we will spend every waking moment with such a person.
This of course, is not true for everyone. Some prefer to be alone, in the solace of the single life. This of course, is fine. Everyone has different wants, and
so, it is fine. We are the dreamers, and the lost ones, who drown ourselves in the sexually-charged moments of our lives. Such a life, is not a healthy one.
:iconpyroshadow18:PyroShadow18 2 13
Did you hear my heart break when you said you loved her?
Did you hear the glass crystals fall to the floor around  you?
Did you hear the sky cry when she was looking at you?
Did you hear the epic sound of silence fall upon you?
I was yours, sure, for a short time, yet, darling
Life is short, too short to worry about the things of yesterday
You are as such, and now we must part,
No longer will we play hide and
Where you find me in the dark
And you capture me with those strong lips
Passion ensues and I cannot break free
I'm your
Held in chains of red and black
Your favorite colours as you hide me in the back
And you'd play with me there, until you were done with me
No longer will I need to
Satisfy your need..
This bird must fly freely now
While my wings are spread, yo
:iconpyroshadow18:PyroShadow18 2 10
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things I've found that I love, and just can't resist snatching...



United States
don't have much to say at the moment, its not like im some incredibly interesting person. but i'll figure out something clever to put here eventually... lol.

Current Residence: Worcester MA
deviantWEAR sizing preference: small
Favourite genre of music: Rock/techno
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Here it is everyone.... I'm forsaking this account. I'm not leaving permanently, just switching fully to my new account. Of course I'll randomly check back in to this one from time to time, but I'll add all of you to my watch list on the new account.

I have many reasons for this change, most of which I'll probably end up keeping to myself instead of writing some long essay. Which is what I originally planned to do. My main reason though, is I need to escape from bad memories and hardships, and get rid of the reminders of those times. To think, that people could be so cruel to one another, how easily love turns to hate... Pain is a cruel master that I refuse to bow down to. So, I'm leaving it behind. I can live without it... I have a much brighter future now, one that I have no doubts about.

To think, I was afraid. I actually had nightmares. Nightmares...

That's all gone now.

Anyway... You can all still find me here, my new account is :iconmayaemmett:. Please, stay in touch, many of you who mean so much to me, you've been a great support to me. Above all, you are my friends. I continue on in hopes of becoming a better artist, and I feel I steadily make progress the more I do. I will surpass expectations, even my own... I promise. ;)

At any rate, don't bother trying to report anything "taken" from this page by the above username, obviously... as its me... duh. anyway.


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PyroShadow18 Featured By Owner Oct 16, 2009
hi Mikados.

How's you? :)
Josh here, and I wanted to thank you for faving my poems. I'm glad you liked them. :)
Have a nice night. :heart:

MayaEmmett Featured By Owner Oct 19, 2009
hi josh!! its :iconmikadosgirl: just letting you know, I'm still here, just using a new username... come see me at :iconmayaemmett:

I'll add you... =D
PyroShadow18 Featured By Owner Oct 19, 2009
Hi Mikados! :)
I still remember you. :) :hug:
I definitely will~! :)

MayaEmmett Featured By Owner Oct 19, 2009
hellos ^_^ yeah I just couldn't stand that name anymore... go ahead and chat with me on my new one. I barely visit this one anymore...


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zephryrus Featured By Owner Jun 8, 2009
MikadosGirl Featured By Owner Jun 8, 2009
you're quite welcome ^_^
christina-ashley Featured By Owner May 1, 2009   Photographer
thank YOU thank YOU thank YOU :) that just made my day even better. Im not sure how to add you though . Im kind of new to this still lol.
MikadosGirl Featured By Owner May 18, 2009
heh... you can go to my page, click on "watch this deviant"
glad I made you happy!
christina-ashley Featured By Owner Apr 24, 2009   Photographer
thank you for the FAV :D
MikadosGirl Featured By Owner Apr 24, 2009
no problem, that pic was GORGEOUS
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