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I'll Be Here For You
Come here close,
I've got you.
I won't let your life
go to ruins.
I will save you.
I'll let you listen
to my vital signs,
just for a moment,
it will be alright.
I will heal you
the best I can.
I'm broken too,
together we can become whole.
I've seen your wrists,
I have seen you bleed.
I will never look down on you
I understand why they are red.
I can keep you safe,
I will try to hold you tight.
Just don't let go of my hand,
and promise you'll listen.
To be truely honest
I love you.
With love,
anything is possible.
:iconillicitxlies:IllicitxLies 4 6
Abstract_blue by kingnilo Abstract_blue :iconkingnilo:kingnilo 3 5
Forever's Moments
As yelling came from the kitchen,
two bright blue eyes turned my way in alarm.
I kissed the top of her head,
and told her it would be all right.
She showed me what she has been working on
for the past three days.
A magnificent drawing,
she said she tried her very best on it.
It was of me,
she had perfectly depicted
my face (she's seen it without my bangs over it),
my posture,
everything about me.
It probably took a lot of work to satisfy her,
I can tell by the smudges she hadn't wiped off yet.
She told me she couldn't wait to show it to me,
and if I had known I wouldn't have been able to wait to see it.
As she put it back in her folder carefully,
I told her she must have gotten our mother's talent.
And she said we get everything from our mom,
we like to believe it that way.
Our mom taught us everything we know,
who else would?
She slipped off my lap,
and put her folder in a safe place.
She came back and leapt onto my lap again.
As I laughed and winced slightly,
she grabbed a pillow,
:iconillicitxlies:IllicitxLies 2 6
The Ocean's Tide
A seashell,
washing up on a calm beach,
on a clear starry night.
The moon is full,
the sand is soft,
and everything is tranquil.
But if one stops to think about it,
that seashell has no choice of where it is carried.
Forced to be taken with the tide,
tossed about in deadly waves and waters.
It once held life
beneath its smooth surface.
But then the shell was discarded,
and is now chipped along the edges.
As the seashell reaches the beach,
a young girl,
who had been running along the shoreline,
stoped to pick it up.
She exclaimed how beautiful it was,
as examining it under the moonlight.
Though as she ran her fingers along the pearl-white shell's ridges,
she was cut on one of the chipped sides,
so the girl threw it into the tide.
The tide retracted,
sending the seashell tumbling below the surface.
It collided with the underwater sea floor,
and rested there.
It rested there,
lodged in the wet sand,
underneath the tide.
Air bubbles surged toward the surface
where it had been
:iconillicitxlies:IllicitxLies 3 8
Love in Sins
I have forgotten my map
in the forest of love
and now I am lost in your eyes.
No words could dissect the pain felt
as you open that threshold.
Seeing your grand entrance,
is like being a bumblebee in a jar.
Your heart has stopped in the eyes of many,
but theirs is still being zapped by the defibrillator
after seeing you date the devil.
You didn't know what your new love could potentially do,
though now he's got your soul locked up in a velvet box.
And now you're gone.
:iconillicitxlies:IllicitxLies 4 9
Take my hand,
and don't let go.
But please remember,
hearts can break.
If I give you my heart,
will you promise
to be careful?
Mine in particular
is very fragile.
Please don't be careless.
I'll give it to you,
that is if you'll accept it.
And on a few conditions.
Do you promise not to break it?
Do you promise to take care of it?
Do you promise to be true to it?
It took me a nearly forever
to pick up the pieces last time.
Please don't make me start over.
I'm trusting you with a responsibility,
will you meet it?
Can you give me yours in return?
I promise to keep your heart safe,
I promise to keep it close.
Please trust me with this.
I hope you steal my heart.
and I hope I can steal yours.
I want to keep your heart,
I'll let you keep mine.
I love you.
:iconillicitxlies:IllicitxLies 4 6
Lost in Portrait by thefreewolf Lost in Portrait :iconthefreewolf:thefreewolf 29 42 rainy day .. by KariLiimatainen rainy day .. :iconkariliimatainen:KariLiimatainen 2,609 273 dream at the dusk by kingnilo dream at the dusk :iconkingnilo:kingnilo 2 3 Ice Dragon Egg by kingnilo Ice Dragon Egg :iconkingnilo:kingnilo 5 0
things I've found that I love, and just can't resist snatching...



United States
don't have much to say at the moment, its not like im some incredibly interesting person. but i'll figure out something clever to put here eventually... lol.

Current Residence: Worcester MA
deviantWEAR sizing preference: small
Favourite genre of music: Rock/techno
MP3 player of choice: iPod
Favourite cartoon character: Bear Walken
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  • Playing: damn children's card game... lol
Here it is everyone.... I'm forsaking this account. I'm not leaving permanently, just switching fully to my new account. Of course I'll randomly check back in to this one from time to time, but I'll add all of you to my watch list on the new account.

I have many reasons for this change, most of which I'll probably end up keeping to myself instead of writing some long essay. Which is what I originally planned to do. My main reason though, is I need to escape from bad memories and hardships, and get rid of the reminders of those times. To think, that people could be so cruel to one another, how easily love turns to hate... Pain is a cruel master that I refuse to bow down to. So, I'm leaving it behind. I can live without it... I have a much brighter future now, one that I have no doubts about.

To think, I was afraid. I actually had nightmares. Nightmares...

That's all gone now.

Anyway... You can all still find me here, my new account is :iconmayaemmett:. Please, stay in touch, many of you who mean so much to me, you've been a great support to me. Above all, you are my friends. I continue on in hopes of becoming a better artist, and I feel I steadily make progress the more I do. I will surpass expectations, even my own... I promise. ;)

At any rate, don't bother trying to report anything "taken" from this page by the above username, obviously... as its me... duh. anyway.


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PyroShadow18 Featured By Owner Oct 16, 2009
hi Mikados.

How's you? :)
Josh here, and I wanted to thank you for faving my poems. I'm glad you liked them. :)
Have a nice night. :heart:

MayaEmmett Featured By Owner Oct 19, 2009
hi josh!! its :iconmikadosgirl: just letting you know, I'm still here, just using a new username... come see me at :iconmayaemmett:

I'll add you... =D
PyroShadow18 Featured By Owner Oct 19, 2009
Hi Mikados! :)
I still remember you. :) :hug:
I definitely will~! :)

MayaEmmett Featured By Owner Oct 19, 2009
hellos ^_^ yeah I just couldn't stand that name anymore... go ahead and chat with me on my new one. I barely visit this one anymore...


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zephryrus Featured By Owner Jun 8, 2009
MikadosGirl Featured By Owner Jun 8, 2009
you're quite welcome ^_^
christina-ashley Featured By Owner May 1, 2009   Photographer
thank YOU thank YOU thank YOU :) that just made my day even better. Im not sure how to add you though . Im kind of new to this still lol.
MikadosGirl Featured By Owner May 18, 2009
heh... you can go to my page, click on "watch this deviant"
glad I made you happy!
christina-ashley Featured By Owner Apr 24, 2009   Photographer
thank you for the FAV :D
MikadosGirl Featured By Owner Apr 24, 2009
no problem, that pic was GORGEOUS
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